The European Ivy League (EIL) is the leading Business School Soccer Tournament in Europe. It is HHL’s oldest student initiative with HHL students organizing the event. Over the course of time, since its foundation back in 1997, the EIL has grown and increased its fan base every year and reached a number of around 150 participants in 2018.


The formula of EIL’s success is its combination of sports, networking and entertainment. The cornerstone of the event is a thrilling soccer competition for men and women (mixed teams are possible). Additionally, the EIL offers unique chances to expand business networks. Renowned companies such as BASF, PwC, Stern Stewart & Co. or Roland Berger have previously supported this event as sponsors and also participated in the soccer competition. Therefore, the event opens up an excellent platform for exchange with company representatives. Last but not least, the EIL is the homecoming of many Alumni, the welcoming of friends, and simply the best party of the year. This year we will celebrate the 26th edition of this exciting event starting on the 3rd of June, 2022.


Meet the Team

Philipp Bauer

Head of Initiative

Niteen Mishra

Head of Initiative

Johannes Kreyes

Head of Speaker & Sponsors

Shailendra Chhonkar

Head of Operations

Maximilian Hollmann

Head of Finance

Yaser Elkholy

Head of Marketing

Hans Hubert Hahn

Team Member

Kelvyn Naymor

Team Member

Himanshu Dinodia

Team Member

Abhishek Nair

Team Member

Kashyap Shubham

Team Member

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